My first day at the Lilac Hotel

I have just arrived at the Lilac Hotel in Kanoya-shi, Japan. Although I have been to Japan before, this is my first time in Kyushu, and I have been blown away by the stunning natural surroundings; rolling hills and mountain, luscious green forests that go on for miles, and even an active volcano.


The hotel itself is surrounded by farmland – rather flatter than the journey here from the airport in Kagoshima. The mountains are still however very much visible in the distance.




Wandering round the hotel grounds, you can spot a variety of animals; a couple of dogs here, a cat there, two goats.



The most prominent however are the rabbits – you can catch them napping pretty much all over, scattering as you get close, jumping playfully around. I managed to get close enough to get a few photos, before they spotted me and ran for the hills!





It says a lot about the calm atmosphere of the Lilac Hotel that these shy rabbits roam freely.