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Our Hotel has 10 cottages and 2 Guest house. and more, There is the camping Area and cafe, Organic farm etc. You can choose from 2 type of accommodation. All rooms can receive Free Wifi, All rooms has Air-con. Free pick-up is offered from “Higashi Kasanohara” bus station in Kanoya City, the final stop on the Limousine bus from Kagoshima Airport.


All 10 cottages has the facilities of the bathroom. Total size is 33㎡.  Sleeps: 1 person until 4 person.

Guest House

All 5 private rooms are shared bathroom. Sleeps: 1person until 4 person.


Free pick-up is offered from “Higashi Kasanohara” bus stop in Kanoya City. If you need pick up, please send us the message when you need to email info@lilac-hotel.com. or call to phone number +81-0994-63-6112

The access map is showing the way from Kagoshima Airport, Kagoshima Chuo Station and Shibushi Seaport “Shibushi Station JR”.

Lilac Hotels and Resort
Kagoshima Airport
Kagoshima Chuo Station
Shibushi Station
Shibushi Port
Higashi Kasanohara Bus Stop
Miyakonojo Station